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Terms and Conditions at Mzanzi Casino

All information and content that is included in the site is owned by Mzanzi Casino. No information may be copied of replicated in any way without the possibility of legal action being taken. The elements of the site, including all text, images, graphics and content are the sole property of Mzanzi Casino.


Terms of Service

Upon entering the website, you understand that Mzanzi Casino is a gambling portal that promotes casino games. The site does not offer direct real money or free casino games. All games are operated and offered by a third party site that operates in accordance to legal gambling laws. The laws may vary based on your primary location or country of residence.
Mzanzi Casino Terms of Service

Third Party Sites

The staff and all those involved with the operation of Mzanzi claim no responsibility for any information that is offered to any third party sites or links that are provided at this site. Said sites are not owned or operated by Mzanzi. This means that players will play at their own risk and will enter sites on their own terms. Mzanzi will not be held responsible for any losses that may be incurred by visiting any listed third party site.


3rd Party Sites

Liability Disclaimer

In regards to financial losses or increased risks, Mzanzi is not responsible and will not be held accountable for any losses that are incurred. While we strive to provide accurate information on the site, there is no guarantee of that accuracy and you will enter the third party sites and play real money games at your own risk. If losses do occur, Mzanzi is not liable for any of these losses, regardless of local gambling laws.


Liability Disclaimer

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